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How to Stay Private on Facebook

19th April 2018MMPurse

Staying Private on Facebook as a Small Business Owner

This is the topic that I am asked about the most and it’s become very topical again in light of the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook data scandal. So let me take you back first of all to some basics…

A lot of small business owners are scared to create a Facebook page because either:

1. They don’t want to have a profile on Facebook or

2. They don’t want their potential customers to see their profile on Facebook.

Why You Must Have a Personal Profile on Facebook

The truth is that you must have a profile to create a page and there is a good reason for this.

It’s to ensure that pages that are created have real people behind them that are accountable for the page content. That’s a good thing for your audience. It helps to ensure Facebook is an honest platform and that no one can hide behind an anonymous page.

BUT you don’t have to do anything with your profile unless you want to, and (most importantly), you can keep it completely private from your page so that no one can even see pictures of you, let alone see your profile.

How to Keep Your Personal Profile Separate From Your Business Page (video tutorial)

In this incredibly short tutorial, I’ll show you how to make sure that your privacy settings are so high so that fans of your Facebook page won’t see your personal profile. It’s so simple and it will completely remove the fear that you have from setting up a Facebook page for your business.

We will make this update on your personal profile (not your page). Have a look at his instructional video here or click the image below and help your private life stays private:

Check Which Apps Have Access to Your Profile

Moving back to your personal profile, you may want to check which apps have access to your profile and therefore quite a lot of your data. Sometimes we simply agree to ‘use Facebook profile to sign in’ on certain websites without giving it a second thought. But that is actually sharing your data!

So you can go back into your personal profile, view which apps you have previously given access to your profile, and revoke it.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your settings section on Facebook.


2. Find Apps and Websites

3. Review what you have previously given permission to and revoke if required.

Feeling better about Facebook?

Keep going!

So, now I have put your mind at rest about being able to stay private on Facebook isn’t it time you got a page up and running for your small business? There are so many benefits for you to use it as a platform for creating relationships with your future customers.

So, let me help you get up and running. Join my totally FREE 7-day Bootcamp course (a daily email course in plan English) and get your page set up and running inside a week.

I take your privacy seriously. No spam. Read my privacy policy here.

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