logo design & brand identity

Look the part, look smart.

What is it?

The words or images or combination of both that represent your business to the outside world and to your employees. It’s everything from the typeface you use to the business cards you hand out, as well as uniforms, signage and vehicle livery.

Why is it important?

First impressions are everything and lasting. You can’t control how your customers perceive your business but you can and should manage everything they come into contact with to ensure that perception is as positive as possible.

What will you do for me?

Come up with a new look or feel for your company logo and branding that conveys the right message about your business and your products or services. This might be modernizing your existing logo, or coming up with something completely new.

You will have the opportunity to request changes or make recommendations before we finalize it and apply it to your business cards, letterheads and any other material that you need such as websites, signage and brochures.

Prices start from from £995 plus VAT.