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Why Boosting Posts on Facebook is Actually a Great Strategy for Growth

6th April 2018MMPurse

Despite What Facebook Experts Tell You

If you have read about the algorithm in my earlier posts then you already understand some of the challenges involved in getting your content shown to a wider audience.

Facebook IS an advertising platform. Albeit still a very cheap one and there are very few platforms that are still this affordable for small businesses to reach such a large and targeted audience.

If you have done everything I recommended in previous posts and are using my free Facebook Post Planner then you are already giving your organic posts the best start. So you are in a prime position to start putting some advertising dollars behind your best posts to extend your audience.

There is a lot of snobbery around this subject. “Don’t touch the boost button! You should create ads only in ads manager!”

Well yeah, and no.

Those guys telling you not to boost posts are the people spending a few hundred or thousands of dollars on Facebook ads. Where tiny percentages matter. And they are right to be careful. They are playing with some big bucks on behalf of clients.

If you have a small audience, a tight budget and are bonkers busy running your business, then I would say that boosting your posts on Facebook is probably going to be your best friend. There is nothing wrong with boosting some posts to get more reach and engagement. Nothing at all. It’s quick and simple to do. And most people running their own business are incredibly time poor. So I think anything that you can do in a short amount of time to potentially improve the success of your business is a win. So let’s have at it!

So what do I mean by boosting ads? I mean hitting the tantalising little blue button that appears after you create a post in Facebook. Basically it’s creating an advert using your post as the creative content.

Stick to These Rules

Before you get too carried away, you do need to stick to some basic rules to make sure you aren’t throwing your money away. You need to be a little bit strategic with the settings.

But it doesn’t take much too create a smart and simple ad campaign.

1. Find your fans

Don’t allow Facebook to show your ad to everyone. Go niche. Define your audience. Stick to people that like your page and their friends, and be location specific.

2. Choose wisely

Post only content you have created and added. Don’t promote external content – don’t waste your money to promote content that you have shared for someone else (like a website article).

3. Fish where fish are

Put money behind posts that have already got a bit of engagement already. You can see what has got some movement by checking your page insights.

4. Set a budget

Set a daily budget – $4-$5 per day is a good start (or the equivalent in your currency). Define the start and end date of your campaign – 7 or 14 days is ok. You can extend this later if it flies. You will then see you have a maximum amount of money that it will cost you to promote this content. Make sure that you are ok with sinking that into this campaign. If not, reduce it. Though you will need to spend at least $1 per day.

5. Suck it and see

Ok, that’s five rules if you count this one. Just have a go. Click promote and see what happens. It’s completely within your control so experiment a bit and see what works for you.

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