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Your Body is SO Beach Ready

15th August 2018MMPurse

This glorious weather means more of us are getting outside, getting our kit off and getting into the lake, the pool or the beach. Bravo. But I can’t help noticing that a lot of people are not. They are holding themselves back from experiencing the joy of summer simply because they don’t feel they have a ‘beach body’. Ugh. This again.

Being Brave

Trust me, I do understand the fear of squeezing into a bathing suit or (heaven forbid!) a bikini and getting your wobbly bits out in public. But what I want to tell you is NO ONE CARES AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

And while you are freaking out about how you look or hiding yourself away you are missing out on some amazing experiences.

My cousin is a massive inspiration to me. She started a Women’s Adventure company called, Brave. And that’s exactly what she is.

She’s an adrenaline addict and a total water baby. She’s been on trips to dive (ethically as part of a scientific study) with Orcas in Norway, Sharks in South Africa and Scotland, done massive adventure tours around Africa and Australia and takes herself off camping and learning to surf in Cornwall. Amazing.

My cousin is (by her own description) overweight. I’ve been with her in changing rooms when she’s been in floods of tears struggling to get into a wetsuit and stuck up a very tall high ropes course without the strength to pull herself forward, cursing herself for ‘allowing herself to get this way’.

But then she takes a breath and remembers that what she wants is to go white water rafting or zipline from the trees and this temporary pain and embarrassment is a five minute struggle to achieve several hours of joy. So she does it and we have an amazing day.

She has been very honest on social media about these issues. People look up to her, because she is fearless outside of that changing room. I look up to her.

Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Your Fear

I’m not trying to make any comment about ANY body shape here – have you actually met me in person? I’m using it as an analogy because it’s a massive roadblock that many of us have. Fear.

My argument is to get over your fear and do the thing. We don’t get today again – seize it! Embrace it. Smell the flowers. Jump in the sea. Start a business. Learn something new. Quit your job. Go travel.

I am terrified of heights – I get vertigo near ledges. I spent six years fighting that fear and learnt to ski because I KNEW that I would love it. I do. I am still scared of heights but I damn well ski at every opportunity.


So back to the beach body, but now literally. If getting into a bathing suit is actually your biggest fear, then let me share this very inspiring trailer for a documentary by Taryn Brumfitt.

Taryn filmed this documentary after reaching her goal of an ‘ideal’ toned toned body and realised it did not make her happy. Not one bit. But there’s plenty of other things that did. Find those things for you and do them. Stop being afraid.

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