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How Running 5kms Actually Helps My Business

15th March 2018MMPurse

And Can Help Your Business Too!

I used to be obsessed with the marathon distance. I felt that to prove myself as a runner, then I needed to achieve this massive milestone. So I trained for a marathon three times, but only got to the start line once out of three, thanks to overtraining which led to injury.

When I did complete my marathon it was amazing. It was everything I dreamed it would be; thrilling, exhausting, a tour de force of emotion and an incredible sense of achievement. Well worth the number attempts of getting there.

But now I focus on running 5kms. And I love them. Not because I don’t want to run a marathon again, I really do, but because without improving my 5kms I won’t be able to run a successful marathon. I need to nail the 5km, then the 10km and then some half-marathons in better times and with better form before I tackle the big one.

This has had an amazing effect on my running. Mainly I love running again – marathon training is such a slog, very anti-social and leaves you really prone to injury. But now I’m focusing on shorter, faster distances once again I really love it. It’s now a social event (mostly thanks to my local parkrun), it’s an achievable weekly goal, and I can see the a nice correlation between small changes to my training and an improvement on my time or form.

So what does this have to do with my business. Or yours for that matter? I suppose the point I want to make is about setting achievable goals.

The Big Picture

It’s great to have big picture in mind. Setting high achieving goals is important. It is the big picture; the point to it all. It can be that one thing that keeps your course straight and true. I really do think having an ambitious target is important. But the problem with a big goal is that it is very far away. It can feel quite intangible and (almost) impossible to attain from where you are now and that is quite demotivating if you feel like you aren’t getting any closer. Actually it’s bloody exhausting.

Little and Often

Setting some smaller, achievable goals can give you a massive strategic boost. They will help to keep you motivated and heading towards the big goal on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Just like my week 5kms, by breaking down your marathon dream into a set of smaller goals it keeps your motivation high in the short and medium term. We all love the feeling of achieving a goal.

Start with some low hanging fruit and count your successes. That might be something like booking one more client within the next month, hitting an end of month sales target, aiming for a certain number of email sign ups. These milestones shouldn’t be too easy. They should be a bit of a reach and something that you will have to work towards – but something that, with a little extra effort and some strategic actions, you can attain now.

Nailing goals will give you a buzz. You’ll feel positive and positivity is infectious (see my last blog on this subject). You’ll actually start creating your own momentum which has a snowballing effect. So then you set some more mini-goals and you go out and smash them too! Before you know it you are actually on your way to the big one! But instead of constantly dwelling on how far away it seems, you will actually feel like you are moving towards it. Boom!

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