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Less Law of Attraction, More Action

1st March 2018MMPurse

The Law of Attraction is Bullsh*t

There I’ve said it.

I am (clearly) the least woo woo person ever. The very idea that you can channel good stuff to come your way seems like an absurd amount of tosh to me. Or a great way to procrastinate. Manifesting your way to success and hoping that the universe will provide is just not something that I can get on board with unless you combine it with a healthy dose of strategic action.

Positive Mental Attitude

Having a positive mental attitude (PMA) is something that I can very much endorse. Being positive about the future, the possibilities and the opportunities that are out there IS going to attract some of it your way. Not because you manifested it over a matcha latte but because you are a joy to work with and a pleasure to be around and people will enjoy basking in your positive energy. Is that woo woo? Or is that you showing up for life, slapping on a smile and putting your best foot forward? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter but know there’s a serious amount of good vibes that you send out when you do that and that is attractive and infectious.

Practical Meaningful Action

If you hide behind social media or large to-do lists that make you feel busy, then ask yourself if these are really steps that are creating an opportunity? Are you really just treading water hoping for new business to find you? You have to meet the world halfway and be available for opportunities that present themselves – you also have to create those opportunities yourself. No one owes you that favour. A PMA alone will not necessarily bring you closer to your goals.

However, adding practical meaningful action just might. A small strategic action that you take each day that will increase your chances of success.

I don’t know exactly what that might mean for your business, but it will almost certainly include either finding new potential customers or increasing the revenue from your existing customers.

Your action might be any one of the following:

  • Contacting existing customers/clients to offer a new service/appointment/asking for a referral
  • Suggesting a new service/product to an existing client
  • Contacting existing leads to see if you can be of service
  • Creating a YouTube channel to increase your audience/creating a podcast series
  • Answering questions from your target audience on Quora/FB groups
  • Attend a business event/organise a business event
  • Create/give a workshop
  • Write and pitch a press story
  • Develop a social media strategy/focus on a new platform
  • Review your website/review your website SEO
  • Start writing and sending customer newsletters filled with value

It might be something completely different, but it is worth spending a bit of time brainstorming a few ideas of what could be helpful for you and then choosing to attack one at a time. I wrote a blog a little while ago on focusing on doing ONE thing at a time and this would be an excellent example of choosing to take a single strategic action and doubling down on it to do it with integrity. Set aside time in your diary for this one task and focus.

Attitude + Action = Success

That’s a more realistic law of attraction.

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