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19th June 2017MMPurse

30 days of inspiration for your Facebook page.

Knowing what to post to your Facebook Page can be paralysing, even for an experienced Facebook marketer. So how hard is it for a small business owner, trying to do everything for their business to also come up with creative content ideas for their Facebook Page too? Very!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of inspiration, some structure and guidance you can take the guess work out of what to post. I’ve created a Facebook Post Planner that will provide you with daily inspiration of what to post to your Facebook Page so you don’t have to feel stuck. You will soon have 30 days of posts already planned, which will absolutely get you off to the best start.

I go into a lot more depth and detail including why and how in my upcoming 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous course, but downloading this planner today will give you a basic strategy that you can start on today and provide inspiration for 30-days of optimised posts.

Balance is the Key

Ensuring you have a good balance of content is pretty important. So I’ve done the thinking for you. You can vary these percentages, but I don’t recommend messing with them much.

60-70% Giving Posts

This should be original content created by you. These should be story-telling posts that provide an authentic look ‘behind the scenes’ to allow your followers to get to know more about you, your business, your team and your products or services. Make them relevant to your business or industry, but don’t spend hours deliberating. Let your audience decide what works and learn from their response. These posts are not ‘selling’ or ‘asking’. They should be ‘giving’ – educate, entertain, inspire. Provide value, be generous.

Expect nothing in return, but be ready to respond to each and every comment.

10-15% Asking Posts

These posts are ‘asking’ your audience for something or ‘selling’ to them – to sign up to your newsletter, to come to your event, to buy your product or service, or follow you on other social media platforms. Be sparing with these posts – social media is about old fashioned relationship building, which takes time. You need to build up trust with your audience first before asking them for something in return. It pays off in the long run.

15-10% Sharing Posts

Sharing content that you have curated is a great way to build up interesting content on your Facebook page. The content should be relevant to your business and your audience and provide them with value. Like your ‘giving’ posts they should educate, entertain or inspire.

Guidance Notes

The Facebook Post Planner is simply colour keyed so that you can easily recognise what kind of post you are creating and help keep your page in balance.

Each post idea in the content planner is a theme that you adapt and apply to your industry or audience.

You don’t have to stick to posting once-per day, but I don’t recommend you post more than twice per day – it will have diminishing returns.

It’s perfectly ok to move around the posts, but don’t have two ‘asking’ or ‘sharing’ posts in the same period – they are spread out for a reason.

‘Rinse and repeat’ this calendar every 30 days – the specific post content should differ but the themes will provide you with inspiration for new posts.

To maximise the exposure and engagement of each of these posts, read my blog post on 8 Facebook Tips for Small Business Owners.

To take things to the next level, learn how to rock your Facebook Page with my new 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous Course. It’s a step-by-step guided course which includes oodles of tips, how to create all the various post types in this planner, content layouts and examples, administering your page, and a beginners guide to Facebook advertising.

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