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How to add a Facebook Pixel to a Website (without the help of a programmer)

21st June 2017MMPurse

A simple way to install a Facebook pixel.

I get asked about how to add a Facebook Pixel to a website a lot, and all of the tutorials or guidance from Facebook seem to make it really complicated – far more than is necessary. So let me try and demystify the Facebook Pixel and how to install it for you…

What’s a Facebook pixel?

A tiny bit of unique code that recognises when someone who is also a Facebook user visits your website, then it logs that visit with your Facebook ads account.

Why do I need a Facebook pixel on my website?

Good question. You don’t. Your life will continue perfectly well without it.
However, if you are interested in getting into Facebook Advertising, then you will benefit from the data that this pixel collects. Basically, it will be useful if you are planning to advertise your page or posts:

You can use it to track conversions (sales or sign ups) on your website.

You can use it to create ads that retarget people that have visited specific pages on your site (spooky, huh?).

So I say, get it added to your site now!

How do I add the Facebook pixel to my site?

This is where most people freak out. Don’t. I’m going to help you. It’s not as complicated as Facebook seems to make it appear – and they make it seem pretty bloody complex to be honest.

You need a Facebook Ad Account. If you don’t yet have one (if you have never boosted a post or placed an ad), then you need to set this up. In which case, watch this tutorial here then come back and watch these tutorials on adding the pixel. If you have already dabbled a bit with advertising and have an account set up, simply read on…

I recommend opening your Facebook ads account in another window (click this link – to go to your ads account) so that you can follow the tutorials at the same time. Ideally, use Chrome browser to open your ads account as this seems to work better.

1. Creating the Pixel & Copying the Code

2. Adding the Pixel Code to Your Website

Instructions for WordPress Site Owners

Instructions for Squarespace Site Owners

Once you have added the pixel it will take about 20 minutes to start gathering date and ‘firing’. You will actually get a little notification from Facebook when it’s working.

Now you have it set up, there are many interesting things you can get use it to do for you. But that’s for another day…

These tutorial videos are part of the Facebook Advertising for Beginners module of my upcoming course, 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous.

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