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Can’t find time for Facebook marketing? Here’s how to do it in 15 minutes a day

26th August 2017MMPurse

You don’t have the time to spend ages on your Facebook page.
I get that. I’m running a small business too.
There’s too much to do, and you have to do it all, yourself! Yet you know Facebook marketing is absolutely where you need to focus some of your attention to help grow your business.

So let me help you do this by giving you a daily blueprint to spend just 15 minutes a day rocking your page.

Here’s my 3-step daily blueprint for Facebook success:

Pink five minute timer

1. Create a post to add to your Facebook page

Make it amazing, give great value, tell a good tale! But don’t worry if you aren’t sure what amazing is right now. Just post it and let your audience give you feedback on what they like. You will get better, but only if you get started!

If you are stuck for ideas of what to post each day, simply download by free Facebook Post Planner and get 30 days of daily post ideas instantly. Then rinse and repeat and just make them better each time you post!

Blue five minute timer

2. Seek out local or relevant business pages

Like and comment on them as your page to increase the visibility of your business.

Pay special attention to other local businesses – supporting each other at a local level is a really good way to build up local support and a loyal audience base.

Share the occasional post from other pages to your page. Certainly talk about their businesses and “@“ mention them in your posts so that they are notified that you did. It’s a great way to encourage reciprocal mentions.

Yellow five minute timer

3. Engage with your fans – every one!

Spend time responding to every single comment that people leave on your page, especially when you don’t yet have many. These early supports are your BEST and most loyal ambassadors and they deserve your attention. Nurture them and show them lots of love and respect.

Don’t be disheartened by low page likes and little engagement. It’s not a sign of your popularity. If you have 25 fans – imagine how impressive that would be if they all stood in front of you right now. If you get two comments on a post – imagine how thrilled you would be if you took out an ad and two people wrote in to give you their feedback. It’s ALL good.

Get the App

To make this even easier, make sure you use the official Facebook Pages Manager App on your smartphone (available from app stores for iPhone and android). That way you can post, comment and like as your page when you are on the go.

Snatch 3 x five minutes throughout your day to implement one of the stages above – on the bus, train, queue for the bank. You do not need to be tied to a computer to make this work for you!

Make It a Daily Habit

Facebook marketing is a long-term relationship building strategy, and it takes time and patience. But you have to put in the effort and do the work. However, you don’t need to feel like a slave to your page. Use these steps to be efficient and strategic with your time and you will soon start to see a difference to the reach and engagement of your page. I promise!

Are you a visual person? Print out this infographic as a reminder of how to spend 15 minutes every single day to rock your Facebook page.

15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous Infographic a Facebook Course by

If you are in need of some technical support or content ideas for your Facebook Page then check out my Facebook Courses for very busy small business owners and get some step-by-step guidance.

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