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Stop Hiding – Time to Get Visible

7th September 2018MMPurse

Do you hide behind your website? Is your social media profile all product and logos? Well, it might be time to step out of the shadows and, in your own way, into the spotlight. Just a bit.


YOU are your business. YOU are your brand. That doesn’t mean that every element of your life is content and should be shared with your audience. But your audience does need to see a bit more of you in your business. And it starts with your mug shot.

I have very strong views about photography on websites – it massively increases conversions and therefore sales (I’ll write a separate blog/newsletter on that another time). Small business owners are intrinsically connected to their businesses and it is their USP over a larger corporation, so it is important to let people see that. It is important to let people see YOU.


But therein lies the problem; lack of confidence in being seen and fear of being seen as egotistical. We all suffer from it.

So here’s the simple solution – good quality photographs that make you look and feel like the professional business owner that you are. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Let someone else make you look good and suddenly you will feel much bolder in pasting your mug shot on your website, social media pages, linkedIn profile and any other places where you really know you should be seen in order for people to connect. That’s really what a good photograph is doing – allowing people to connect with you.

It’s actually quite transformative. I have recently seen a group of small business owners, who all had a branding shoot, completely transformed in terms of self-confidence (yes, including me!). This had a hugely positive impact on their business focus – they got really intentional and things started to click – and the sales followed. Magic!


My photographer, Jane Allen, took all the new photos of me you see on my website and made the process painless and a bit fun. Believe me when I tell you that I HATE having my photo taken (aside from SUP and skiing iPhone selfies, obvs!) so she did a great job of coaxing me out of anxiety.

She has written a brilliant blog all about personal branding, and I think it’s a great read. Here are the highlights:

  1. Visual shorthand
  2. Investing in yourself
  3. People buy from people
  4. The law of attraction… no woo woo here!
  5. Showing your values
  6. Showing your expertise

To read the full article visit her site here >>


If you are ready to get serious about your business and be more visible to your audience, then I highly recommend a shoot with Jane. She does personal branding shoots regularly in London and Brighton, but will travel outside of these areas upon request. She’s bloody amazing value too. So get in quick before she cops on and puts her prices up!

Visit Jane Allen Photography here >>

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