How to start building your mailing list

How to Start Building Your Mailing List

23rd November 2018MMPurse

Regular customer mailings are such an important way to communicate with your audience and create a connection that is otherwise not possible to achieve via the  medium of social media.

When I write newsletters, like this one, I have very specific people in mind and try really hard to answer one question or address one problem that they might have. I don’t think you can go into such detail on social media. You don’t have the undivided attention of your audience in the same way

.A little while ago I wrote quite a detailed post about developing a customer newsletter strategy, which is one of my favourite marketing tools. However, having spoken to a few clients recently on power hours, it seems that many folk are not quite at that level yet, so I need to back up a bit and take you back to the first step.

Start Collecting Email Addresses Now

The first step is to collect email addresses for when you are ready to begin your newsletter marketing strategy. Frankly, you cannot start this too soon, even if it takes you a while to be brave enough to send out regular mailings (you can come back to that).

So I’d like to challenge you this week to do this ONE thingand start building your mailing list by capturing email addresses.

Here’s a few pointers:

- Choose a mailing list provider such as Mailchimp (recommended for beginners). There are others such as ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, MailerLite etc etc. They all have simple walk through instructions which ever provider you choose.

- Set up your account, including double-opt-in settings and GDPR tick boxes.

- Connect mailing list account to your website.

- Create a pop-up using your mailing list account to capture emails of visitors to your site or create a simple landing page to capture emails and add it to your website navigation.

- Create a welcome message email or success page.

That’s it.

There are of course more complex and sophisticated methods to build your list including offering nice freebies, discounts or downloads as incentives to sign-up, adding fancy sign up forms etc but you can get to that later.

For now, just take the first simple step and start.


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