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Stop Making this Huge Mistake on Facebook

6th June 2017MMPurse

It’s pretty simple actually.

Don’t set up a second personal profile to create a Facebook Page for your business.

Never ever ever.

I’ve been contacted by four separate people in the last week who have been locked out of their Facebook Pages, and all of them had one thing in common; they set up a new personal profile in order to create the Facebook Page for their business and a short time later ended up in Facebook jail.

Personal can be private

Most people do this because they are concerned about privacy. They want to keep their personal profile private and away from customers. That’s totally understandable. Videos of you dancing on the tables at your cousins wedding might be fun, but not something you particularly want to share with anyone outside of a circle of close friends and family. But those settings can be managed on your personal profile – by keeping the visibility of your posts available only to your friends. It’s a simple setting that takes less than two minutes to update. Here’s a link to a tutorial video I made to show you how.

Facebook terms of service

Creating a second personal profile is really just creating a fake profile. It’s completely against Facebooks Terms of Service. And if they find out, you will be shut out of the profile, which means you will also lose access to the page that you created using it. Imagine if this happens several months down the line. You have worked really hard on creating awesome content for your page, gathered lots of engaged fans and your page is a huge success. Then you lose access to it. And there is NOTHING you can do about it because you BROKE THE RULES.

So, be smart. Set your page up right from the outset. Use your existing personal profile – you can manage lots of different pages from one profile so there is no need to set one up for each page that you create if you need to set up more than one.

If you are a bit stuck or feeling overwhelmed then join my FREE Facebook Bootcamp for very busy small business owners and get some step-by-step guidance on setting up your Facebook Page.

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