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8 facebook tips for small business owners

3rd April 2017MMPurse

It can be hard to keep up with the fast past world of social media. The goal posts are changing what seems like daily and its an overwhelming task to stay on top.

Does it all matter? Why can’t we just stick to our websites and emails like before? Well, I guess you could but if you are in business then you need to be in front of your customers. Which means you need to be where you customers are.

Here’s some statistics* to put that in perspective:

1.23 billion people logon to facebook every day (so, it’s too big to ignore)

60% of consumers visit Facebook before shopping

58% engage with Facebook at least once before spending money

80% and more inclined to buy from a company if they find it has a Facebook page

62% users say that Facebook is the most useful important channel they use to to research a small-business

These days, your posts are probably hardly ever being shown to your audience. Even if your page has thousands of page ‘likes’ this is no guarantee that those likers will ever see your posts. Why? Because of the dreaded algorithm. That throws timed scheduling pretty much out of the window for most of us – these algorithms automagically decide what is shown and when, based on audience engagement on your page.

What does that mean to a small business owner?

Content is now shown only to a tiny sample of your audience to gauge response

Posts that get engagement will then be shown to a wider audience

But still only about 2% of your audience will ever be shown a post

Users refresh their newsfeed on average between 11 to 15 times a day, so it becomes pretty important to try and ensure you get to the top of that feed

So what can you do about this as a page owner using social media for business? How can you improve your audience reach and engagement?

Download these 8 simple dos & don’ts for Facebook page owners to help get your posts shown to a wider audience… oh and there’s 8 more advanced tips included for those with a bit more confidence…

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