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4 Myths About Facebook Pages for Small Businesses

18th April 2017MMPurse

I’m going to bust open four of the biggest myths surrounding Facebook Pages for local businesses. These are the reasons excuses most small business owners give me when I ask why they don’t have a Facebook Page set up for their business…

Myth #1: My customers aren’t on on Facebook.

Truth: Oh yes they are! There are over 1.86 billion consumers on active on Facebook each month. And whilst only a tiny proportion of those users will be your ideal customers, that’s HUGE potential for you.
But what what if you sell to other businesses? They are there too! Over 65 million local businesses have pages are on Facebook. So believe me when I tell you, your customers are there! The question is, are you?

Myth #2: Managing a Facebook takes too much time.

Truth: Only if you are wasting it checking out your friends posts or other unrelated content! It’s about strategy and focus. There is a reason why upcoming 30-day course is called 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous! I’ll show you how you can rock your Facebook page by spending just 15 minutes a day on it. I mean, you have a business to run too, right?

Myth #3: It’s too expensive to get an agency to manage it for me.

Truth: You don’t need an agency to handle your Facebook page, actually it’s going to be much better for your business to post your own content. No one knows your business and your customer base like you. Posting original content from inside your business is much more interesting for your fans, and much better for creating relationships with potential customers.

Myth #4: I need to advertise to get anyone to like my page or content.

Truth: OK, the real truth here is that you are going to need to advertise at some point to start getting better results. BUT all of that is money down the drain if your Facebook page isn’t set up right and full of interesting and compelling content. You have to nail that first. Then adding advertising at a later date will rocket your success! Spend at least 30 days getting the basics right and create a habit of posting great content. It’s the smart move in the long term.

Have you used some of these myths as your reasons excuses for not setting up a Facebook Page yet?

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