Marketing Mentorship for Small Business is a monthly program to provide strategy, experienced advice, direction and accountability for small business owners to help drive sales and increase impact.

- If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and feeling scared, overwhelmed, or uncertain, this is for you.

- If you are struggling through lack of sales and are paralysed by indecision or fearful of wasting more money, this is for you.

- If you are about to launch a product or service but unsure which steps to take first or next or at all, this is for you.

The objective of the program is to help you to get clear on your business and provide you with support and practical steps that you can action yourself to achieve your goals.

We’ll cover some very important questions that you should be asking yourself:

What am I offering, exactly? Who is my audience? Have I got my pricing right? Is my branding on point? Am I using all the promotional tools available? What is working? What isn’t working? When should I get more help? Am I investing my time and money in the right areas?

You will have the advantage of my marketing qualifications, skills and over 22 years of experience of working with small and medium size businesses (sorry, no massive corporates to brag about).

I am used to dealing with business owners that are trying to manage ALL THE THINGS. What I can help you do is make strategic decisions, take inspired action, hold you accountable (that means make sure stuff gets done) and evaluate results so that we can see what works.  You’ll get practical support - daily if needed to get you into your groove.

What’s Included:

- A monthly power hour to set strategy, take decisions together and create action plans

- Weekly accountability - no slacking here!

- Daily contact - I’m available via Skype text to support you to make micro decisions until you find your wings

- SQFFF - Testing your product or service with a live launch

What’s SQFFF?

This is the back-bone of my program - Sell Quick or Fail Flippin' Fast.

We’ll take at least one core product or service that you offer and create a 12 day sales and marketing launch around it and see if it flies. We do it fast to avoid the fear factor setting in and to save wasting valuable time and money until we know you have a winner.

I’ve helped several entrepreneurs turn their business around using this simple and fast but effective launch program.

Here’s How Marketing Mentorship for Small Business Works:

It’s a minimum 3-month commitment. I’ll start by asking you to complete a short application that will help me to know if we are a good match for each other. Assuming we are, I’ll book you in for your first power hour and we’ll get started!

The trial price is £495 per month (ex VAT). 

“I have been working with Michelle on and off since April 2017, but it was only in July 2018 that I really started to implement her strategies. From that moment on, I saw a sudden (and overwhelming) increase in sales of my services. This has had a momentous impact on my business and I am now at the point of having to hire an assistant in order to further scale my small business.

Michelle gives you strategies that are easy to implement. The tasks that we set give me a focused plan of action - and she holds me accountable - so that I know what I need to do in order to create more sales of my services and products, and better yet, achieve greater results and impact for my clients.

Without Michelle’s experience and direction, I would not have focused on creating and offering just one core service. With that service now being what I am consistently booked for.

I honestly can’t recommend Michelle highly enough. Though it pains me to say so, as I want to keep her and her strategies to myself!”

Eve Tokens, Pinterest Marketing Pro

"Michelle's marketing mentoring has been a real game changer for me this year. I was lacking a clear strategy, the confidence in my own expertise and this was holding me back from creating and selling products and services to my audience.

Michelle's no nonsense approach quickly helped me to identify the low hanging fruit and get some quick 'wins' under my belt, all with her by my side, cheering me on and encouraging me to push on through the discomfort I felt around sales. 

Our regular power hours have been invaluable in creating a game plan, but it's been the support in between these sessions that really does Michelle set apart from other business mentors I have worked with. She has skin in the game and it genuinely feels like she is part of the team.

Working with Michelle has turbo charged my approach this year, and has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and achieve far more than I ever thought I would."

Jen Gale, Sustainable Living Specialist

“Working with Michelle is like having someone with laser vision, who can cut through the enormous tangle of ideas and things-to-do in your mind, and map out your business and your next steps with a clarity that you didn’t think was possible!

I was completely overwhelmed, burnt out and terrified, having spent the last of my money ‘investing’ in ‘business coaches’. I felt like I’d come too far to give up, but felt completely trapped by the state of my business, and ashamed that I’d let it get into such a mess. Michelle, who is somehow totally straight-talking but incredibly supportive, helped me clear away all of my mental clutter and get to the core of what my skills were, what I had to offer and how I could stop spending hours faffing online and start making some actual profit.

Michelle is one of those people who knows their craft so well that she can explain it in clear, simple terms, and break a highly-tuned strategy into small, actionable steps. She’ll kick your but when you need it, tell you you’re great when you need it, and deliver killer marketing strategy that non-marketers can understand and implement”

Lizz Summers, Speech & Language Therapist