• How to Get More Done in Less Time?

    How to Get More Done in Less Time

    2nd November 2018 MMPurse

    Being your own boss is great. Except it usually means also being your own assistant too. Or even if you have support, you probably don’t yet have enough of it to outsource all of your needs. But even if you did, it’s still your job to manage ALL THE THINGS. But how?

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  • Are you busy being busy?

    Are You Really Busy or Busy Being Busy?

    19th July 2018 MMPurse

    Are You Being Actually Productive or Busy Being Busy? Being productive vs. being busy is a sore topic for most people, but especially for small business owners. It’s pretty easy to convince ourselves that if we are busy doing something then we are working hard. But are we really being productive? A project is a…

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  • 10 Tools to increase productivity

    10 Tools for Small Business Owners to Maximise Productivity

    22nd March 2018 MMPurse

    Being a small business owners is tough. You are undoubtedly crazy busy and do a whole lot of work on your business yourself. That’s just how it is, right? So you need to find tools and hacks that are going to save you time, save your sanity and provide you with effective short cuts to…

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