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24th January 2016MMPurse

You know the phrase, “If you are not part of the solution, then you are most definitely part of the problem.” Well, by god have I met the problem this week!

We have a situation where we rely heavily on cooperation from a key member of the client’s team to provide us with technical information relating to a complex database which will be integral to their new websites that we are building. It’s not rocket science but needs managing and testing.

Talk about getting blood out of a stone. After FOUR weeks we are still in a position where information is being drip feed to us, and even then only after numerous requests for it. It’s now in danger of taking the whole project off the rails and delaying it beyond our deadline. Not only does that compromise the service we offer, but it means we might not be able to invoice our final part of the bill on time, which causes problems for my business and the freelancers on the project.

I’m not known for tact and diplomacy at the best of times, but I can, when required turn it on. Especially if it involves clients, but boy is my patience being tested now!

I have to wonder how other people handle this without blowing a fuse?

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