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Relentless pursuit of daily goals

24th November 2016MMPurse

Setting personal and professional long term objectives is nothing new. Anyone successful in business will testify that they have an enduring goal that drives them with such intensity; it ensures their determinedness to succeed.

However, some days goals and dreams can feel very remote. A ten year personal plan is very ‘big picture’ and it can sometimes feel a little unrelated to the task in hand. In order to reach long-term goals, most of us need to be spurred into action on a daily basis to get ever closer to the dream.

So how about this. Set yourself a goal of achieving one important task that will move your business forward every single day, and then pursue that goal relentlessly. Striving to achieve one goal every day can provide some much needed short term focus, which develops good habits, discipline and motivation. I need that kind of focus on a daily basis.

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