Marketing Power Hour

Book a marketing power hour with Michelle Purse

Feeling a bit confused about how to get more sales into your business?

Perhaps you simply don't know where to start and are overwhelmed? 

Are you stuck on some aspect of marketing strategy and aren't sure how to move forward?

Or maybe you need a bit of hand-holding and technical support to set something up (a newsletter, facebook ads or something like that?).

You are not  alone. I am here to help.

Book a one-to-one power hour with me and I will help you to move forward. Pick my brains and use my experience to help kick-start marketing your business. I'm not going to mince my words or waste your time.

A Power Power session costs £95 (ex-VAT) for a one-hour Skype one-to-one. It will save you hundreds!

This is a great and affordable way for you to get expert marketing advice and guidance without any further commitment.

You won't regret it.


  • Anything you need help with
  • check
    Setting marketing budgets
  • check
    Website content and design
  • General branding and tone of voice
  • check
    Strategic planning and action
  • check
    Social media strategy and ideas
  • check
    Newsletter strategy and ideas
  • check
    Sales launch systems
  • check
    Sales processes and optimisation

"They are some of the most productive hours in my business, and I've been able to form a clear strategy going forwards as a result of this."

Lauren Short, Food Photographer & Blogger

"During our Power Hour Michelle instantly 'got' what I needed and cut straight to the chase with super actionable strategies to get me moving forwards. There's no faff, no fluff, just clear, straightforward, brilliant action plans. Oh, and post its, lots of post its!"

Jen Gale, Sustainable Living Specialist


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