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Do This One Thing to Grow Your Audience on Social Media

30th April 2017MMPurse

Show up.

Consistently. Regularly. Every day.

Whatever social media platform you are using (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest… whatever!) you have to show up and post. Every single day.

Just because no one is commenting or sharing your posts yet, does not mean you are talking to yourself. Or perhaps you are. But you won’t always be. You have to commit first before you expect anyone else to. It’s like having a shop – you wouldn’t only open it when you see a customer walking past. You must commit to opening hours and stick to them. A restaurant owner doesn’t only open when they have bookings. S/he opens every night. You have to be ready and available.

On social media platforms you need to build up a feed of good posts (content) that people will see when they visit your page – this gives you credibility. Also, you want people to know that they can rely on you to post so they will come to expect it. If they visit your page and don’t see you put very much out there then a visitor will just shrug their shoulders and leave.

You need to be sharing interesting, educational or entertaining content that provides value to your audience. You need to be creating amazing stories that people will want to watch, talk about and share. And you can’t wait until people show up to do that. You must commit and consistently post.

This is about you and your actions, developing good habits now. It takes effort, patience and time. But it does pay off if you are willing to invest your time.

I broadcast about this subject on Facebook Live earlier whilst walking my dog. It’s very unpolished, but hey it’s a Sunday morning and I’m in the middle of a forest!

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