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Why You need to Start Using Facebook Live Right Now!

25th April 2017MMPurse

And how to…

Video, and especially live video is being shown a lot of love by the Facebook algorithm (that annoying bot that decides just how visible your posts will be and therefore who gets to see them). When I say a lot of love, I mean buckets of it. Like it’s raining love hearts on valentines day.

Why Facebook Live Rocks…

When you go live, Facebook actually notifies your audience to let them know that you are are live! Let that sink in…. they actually go and tell your audience to come and look at your FB Live broadcast! That is completely different to how all other posts are handled by the algorithm.

A Facebook Live broadcast is going to get shared far and wide by Facebook (I call this boost juice), and if you can get some audience engagement whilst you are live (clicking those little emojis; like, love, haha, wow and better still, writing comments) it will go even further.

Then, because your engagement level is up, your subsequent posts (even if they aren’t live) will be given some boost juice too. It’s a virtuous circle, and one you need to jump into right now before it becomes a paid feature!

What Can You Broadcast Live?

By now you are probably gripped by paralysing fear and anxiety about what exactly you should be talking about during a Facebook live broadcast. Don’t panic. You actually have all you need at your fingertips – no one knows your business and your customers like you do. I’m just going to help you bring it to the fore.

Just remember that you need to provide your audience with something that is valuable. Think of something that will either inspire, entertain or educate your audience.

So let me give you a few ideas that you can adapt to your own business:

Virtual tours – provide a virtual tour of your business. If your business location is a bit interesting (based in a historic location) or somewhere that people need to pay to enter (like a spa) then providing a virtual tour is a great way to show off your place, and warm up your audience to visit.

Answer questions – answer questions from your audience live, or have some prepared that you are often asked to get things going. Ask your audience to post additional questions in the comments.

Behind the scenes – show your audience what goes on to make your business tick and how you provide them with the goods and services that you offer. It could be a ‘day in your life’ and you do several live updates throughout the course of a day or week showing people what is involved in. You can later pull together the separate footage to create a great promotional video that can be added to your website too.

Personal stories or journeys – people love to learn more about the person behind a business. What made you start and how you came to be there. Share your personal journey.

Events – share an event you are giving or attending. You don’t have to cover the whole thing (especially if people have paid to attend), but the build up is fine to experience or you could ask some attendees what they got out of the event at the end of it.

Giveaways – people love a competition! Let your audience know in advance that you are going to giveaway something live and fix the time to do it!

Sneak peek – about to launch something new? Perhaps a new dish in your restaurant, or a new treatment in your salon? Show your fans first and ask for their opinion. Perhaps even get their help in coming up with a new name for a new service. Or get their help in deciding which image to use in an advert?

Interviews – why not interview one of your colleagues, customers or suppliers live and have them talk about their relationship with your business and how well you work together? Use the opportunity to share the live and expose for other small businesses – it pays off as they will want to share the broadcast their their audiences too.

How to Broadcast Live

This is as simple as make any other post to your Facebook Page. Just follow these five steps:

Make sure you are posting as your page (not as your personal profile)

Tap “What’s on your mind” at the top of News Feed (just like you are making a normal post).

Select “Live” from the menu (you will see options of Live, Photos or Check-In). Don’t panic, this doesn’t immediately make you live.

Add a description and choose your audience before hitting “Go Live.” You’ll see a three-second countdown before your broadcast begins.

That’s it, you are live! Start talking – you are now broadcasting live!

Click the image below to download the Facebook Live tips:

Facebook Live Formula

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