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Being a busy little bee

24th April 2016MMPurse

Many small business owners or self-employed people often feel they have not worked hard enough unless they have spent 14 hours a day slaving in or on the business. That’s all well and good, but as a SME or sole trader, you probably are the business, so have you scheduled enough time to take care of your own shizzle? Or are you like me and let ‘real’ work take priority? I know I need to take stock of this.

Do you find yourself cancelling ‘unimportant’ appointments such as a dental check up or a doctor’s appointment in favour of a ‘more pressing’ work matter? I’ve cancelled three spin classes in the last two weeks alone.

Do you avert your eyes from the piles of unopened post at home, telling yourself you will ‘deal with it when you are not so busy at work’? Me too.

None of us would neglect the basic fundamentals of keeping our businesses well-oiled, so why do we neglect ourselves, the most important part of the organisation? We are the business, and must be on top of health, personal finances, tax returns, car insurance, household upkeep, and anything else that is essential for a legal and personal entity to function at peak performance. And I’m not even addressing time-out to recharge batteries and avoid burn out, which is a whole other conversation.

Scheduling time to complete, what could be considered, personal admin isn’t quite the same as squeezing in a hairdressers appointment during an extra long lunchbreak.

So, my new goal, and I encourage you to do the same, is  if you treat myself as a client and schedule in time to during office hours to get my stuff done. Apparently, it will reduce stress considerably… the theory sounds great. Now I just need to find the time to put it into practice…

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