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6 fantastic free photo resources for your website or blog

30th March 2017MMPurse

Striking photography is one of the most important elements of creating your website or indeed social media posts.

I get asked asked a lot if it is ok to use something that was found on Google. The answer is NO! It’s not ok to use steal (yes it is stealing) an image you just found on the internet. Someone paid for it, or was paid to take it. It’s intellectual property and it belongs to someone. Play fair.

It is absolutely the best thing for your business to have beautifully shot and styled photographs of your products, premises and team. But it’s a pretty expensive luxury when you are first setting out, so there’s no shame in making do, until you can justify further investment.

When building websites for clients, we tend to head to which in my opinion have the widest selection of searchable images available. We can almost always find just the right photograph for the page or brochure. I spend quite a lot of time trying to find something a bit different and unlikely to be found elsewhere, especially on a competitor’s website. I have an account with so each download costs around €13. There are some limitations on how and where the images can be used, but these don’t usually affect our projects. It’s a good compromise.

There are some other good subscription or pay per use photo libraries too:

But what if you are building your own site or really have a limited budget? The great news is there are several options available to you and they all provide stunning photography and they are all absolutely FREE!

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