How to re-share your blogs on other websites

How to re-share your blogs on other websites

Without getting ‘punished’ by google.

Do you write lots of blog posts for your own website? But also want to share them on other publishing sites such as Huffington Post or Medium? Perhaps you write a lot of guests posts but the original content sits on your site?

Well good for you, because that is a super way to expand your audience and reach new eyeballs. But you don’t want to feel the burn of being ‘punished’ by google for duplicate content or *shudders* plagiarism.

Panic not. There is a simple solution to this and it involves one line of code. The code tells google that it is syndicated content, give all credit to the original source, that you are playing fair and there is nothing shady going on here, honest guv’nor.

The code you need to add is the rel=”canonical” tag. This really just means the “official version”. It belongs in the header section of the post, just before the closing head tag, like so many bits of scripts and code.

Sharing your blogs to a publishing site

If you are posting to Medium from wordpress using a plugin, then this is handled automatically. If you are posting to Huffington Post, then they take care of this too. But if you are posting to another blog then you should ensure the site owner takes care of this.

Let me give you an example of a site that I help to manage.

This article here:

Was originally published here:

The author was contacted and asked if she would be happy for us to share her post on this website. The topic is relevant and it offered her a chance to get fresh eyes on her post. She was happy for us to syndicate her post once I explained how we would do it.

We copied the article completely, and added this code into the header section of the post:

We also added this text and a link at the bottom of the post, because it seems polite to offer a link and credit to the author.

This article first appeared on Prosperity Kitchen.

Author Bio:
Prosperity Kitchen is a decluttering, property and coaching consultancy in the UK run by Gemma McCrae. Gemma is a Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) and an Accredited Practitioner Life Coach with the IIC&M.

Syndicating content on your own blog

If in fact you are syndicating content to your own blog that originally lives elsewhere, then you need to add the code to your own post header. If you have a wordpress site then there is a really simple place to add the canonical URL to your posts. it’s in the Yoast SEO bit underneath the post.

Realistically adding this kind of content isn’t going to help your SEO, but if done correctly it won’t hurt it either and it might provide some really valuable content to your audience, who may not find this content elsewhere.

I hope I don’t even need to mention that it’s very not cool to syndicate content without the author’s permission. And if you are the author and wrote it for another site, then you should also check they are happy for you to republish it too, especially if you were paid to produce it.

But if everyone is happy for syndication, then have at it without fear!

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