12 Reasons 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous isn’t for you

12 Reasons 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous isn’t for you

If you are a small business owner who is interested in Facebook marketing, then there’s no reason why you can’t quickly learn to do it yourself. Especially if you don’t have the money to pay for a social media manager or agency to do it for you. Actually, even if you do hire someone in, you should really do it yourself for a bit first and get to understand the process.

However, spending your time and money to invest in beginners Facebook training might not be the smartest course of action for you. I know it’s probably weird that I am selling a Facebook course and then telling you not to buy it… but I have some logic!

This Facebook Course is Not for Everyone

15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous was created with a very specific customer in mind; small business owners who are not very confident about using Facebook to market their business, who are also very busy.

It is a total beginners course for overwhelmed technophobes designed to transform them into tech-savvy and confident Facebook marketers in under a month (depending on how each learner paces themselves through the lessons).

So, it might not be right for you.

Test Your Facebook Confidence

If you can say yes to at least half of these points, then I would not recommend that 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous is the right course for you:

1. Do you understand the benefits of Facebook for marketing your business?
2. Are you already pretty tech savvy or unafraid to ‘have a go’ at new Facebook features?
3. Do you manage to post to Facebook every single day without stressing about what to post?
4. Do you understand all the different types of Facebook posts you can create?
5. Are you confident at using both your computer and your mobile device/smart phone to post to Facebook?
6. Do you take the time to engage with your audience (respond to comments) every single day?
7. Do you know how to find and post third-party content to your page?
8. Can you create your own artwork and upload to posts?
9. Are you able to interact with other Facebook business pages (like, comment, share content) as your page and not your personal profile?
10. Are you able to boost posts and run a basic ad campaign on Facebook?
11. Have you uploaded native video to Facebook and understood its importance?
12. Have you ever been live on Facebook and understood the power of this for your page and business?

Well, how did you do?

A whole lot of Yes?

If you managed to say YES to more than half of the questions here then terrific. Perhaps it’s time to take your Facebook marketing to the next level and start developing some ad campaigns to targeted audiences and retargeted audiences. I’m working with a partner on a next level course and community for this, which will be live soon – stay tuned!

Quite a lot of No?

If you answered NO or were unsure of more than half then I think 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous will certainly benefit you and help you to get the skills and confidence you need to become a pro, but in a manageable way that is easy to follow.

You can feel confident that you will get a lot out of the course and the investment will be worthwhile.

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